Understand and improve your sperm from home.

Know where you’re at—and how to promote the quality of your sperm—with a detailed, personal, and private semen analysis that breaks down how healthy your sperm is today.


The most rigorous sperm analysis kit in the industry.

Five key metrics determine the health and quality of our sperm—volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology.
Our clinical analysis evaluates your sperm for all five individually, giving you a clear and holistic view of your fertility.


Semen plays a crucial role in carrying sperm through the reproductive tract. Producing the right amount means giving sperm the best chance at reaching the egg for fertilization.


Not only does a healthy sperm count improve your chances of conception, it’s also a great indicator of your overall health.


Sperm concentration helps contextualize the relationship between your unique volume and count. The right ratio can be as important an indicator of fertility as a high sperm count.


Sperm that move naturally and efficiently have the best chance of reaching the egg for fertilization. Your total motile sperm count is one of the most important factors in your fertility.


A sperm’s shape affects its ability to both reach and fertilize an egg —this metric helps you understand what percentage of your sperm have a natural shape and what abnormalities there might be. Testing for morphology can be an indicator of genetic abnormalities or lifestyle factors that can affect your ability to conceive.

A report on, and in, your terms.

Our goal is to help you understand your fertility. That means turning our expertise into a report that doesn’t ask you to do extra online research. And if you ever do have questions, we’re here to answer them.

Personalized recommendations.

Our sperm health takes cues from our overall health, meaning that a quality diet, an extra run
a week, or simply managing our stress, can lead to increased fertility. Your report looks at where you’re at today to help you see what day-to-day changes you can make to promote a more
fertile you.

Guidance from the experts.

Fertility can be confusing. Not only do we believe that you should have access to your data, but that you should understand what it means. We offer virtual appointments with specialists to answer your questions and discuss next steps.


A holistic picture of your sperm health, in a clear format

A detailed analysis is important for you to understand where you’re at when it comes to your fertility. Each analysis we provide is complete – all metrics that a traditional clinic would provide, we do, too. It doesn’t stop there. We go above and beyond with post-thaw analysis, and additional sperm DNA fragmentation analysis.


At home sperm testing has never been easier

Sperm analysis is a critical test to understand your fertility as a couple, or your health as an individual. This male fertility kit will provide you with the critical details on how your sperm is doing, and how to improve your semen. It should be your first step in your fertility journey. Analyses are conducted at CLIA certified Legacy Labs by a team of experienced health scientists. Results are reviewed by our medical staff, and support is provided by a team of trained fertility specialists.

How can I test my sperm from home?

The best way to test your sperm from home is by using a semen analysis test that transports your sample to a lab. The lab conducts an analysis that is similar to the quality you’d receive by providing a fresh sample in a clinic. The most rigorous analyses will measure total motile count, volume, motility, morphology, and concentration.

Do I need a prescription for this or is this sperm analysis over-the-counter?

No, you do not need a prescription for Legacy’s sperm analysis. You can purchase it directly by visiting our Order page, adding the product to your cart, and checking out. You would receive the kit within 24-48 hours, and be able to provide a semen sample the following day. Results from the analyses are provided 24h after our lab receives the sample.

Where can I buy a sperm analysis test?

There are many online companies providing semen analysis, including Legacy. Ensure you’re purchasing from a company that provides a five factor analysis that includes morphology, motility, count, volume, and concentration. Legacy is the leader in male fertility analysis, improvement, and cryopreservation. 

How much does a sperm analysis usually cost?

Sperm analyses range in price. At Legacy, you can receive a complete analysis for $200. In a typical clinic, the cost per analysis can range from $300 to $500.

Will this sperm test tell me my sperm count?

Yes. More importantly, this test will tell you your total motile sperm count, which is the number of moving sperm in your sample. We find this by multiplying your concentration, volume, and motility.

How is a sperm test conducted?

A Legacy sperm count is conducted by sending a sterilized collection kit to our clients. Clients provide a sample, combine it with a transport media, and send the sample back to our laboratory. At the lab, we separate the media from the sperm and conduct an analysis the using the same methodology as a traditional clinic. From there, we compile results in an easy to understand format and send them to our clients. The entire process can be complete as quickly as 3 business days.

Where can I read more reviews on Legacy?

We believe in transparency, so Legacy does not own or moderate any of the reviews it receives. You can find our reviews publicly available on Google by visiting this link.