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Test your sperm from the comfort of your home

Sperm is half of the equation when it comes to having kids. But average sperm counts have dropped by over 50% in recent decades, and today, half of all infertility cases involve the male partner.

Sperm testing gives you the tools you need to understand and optimize your fertility. Legacy lets you do it all from home.
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Semen Analysis

The most scientifically advanced at-home semen test

Our sperm analysis test kit has been clinically validated. That means our research team has found that the results of our kit are comparable to the results of a conventional, in-person semen analysis. Our sperm testing is conducted in CLIA-certified labs by a team of experienced scientists, and all results are reviewed by our medical staff.
We offer more advanced male fertility testing options than any other at-home kit and many conventional clinics. Our sperm testing includes a post-thaw analysis, a quick freeze-and-thaw of a small percentage of your sperm to ensure your sample is viable for freezing. Plus, we provide the option to add a sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, an assessment of your sperm’s genetic health, which may illuminate deeper causes of fertility difficulties.
  • You’re trying to have kids right now
  • You might want kids in the future
  • You want to freeze your sperm before a medical procedure, gender-affirming hormone therapy, or military deployment
  • You want another data point about your overall health
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Measuring the key fertility factors

Our semen analysis includes all the key metrics of sperm health, just like a fertility clinic or traditional lab.










Semen plays a crucial role in carrying sperm through the reproductive tract. Producing the right amount means giving sperm the best chance at reaching the egg for fertilization.
A healthy sperm count means you’re producing and ejaculating enough sperm. A higher number improves your chances of conception, naturally or via fertility treatments.
Sperm concentration is the number of sperm per milliliter of semen. This number helps us compare your sample to others.
Motility is the percentage of your sperm that are moving properly; in order to fertilize an egg, your sperm must be “swimming.” Many at-home sperm count tests don’t include this essential metric, one of the most important factors in your fertility.
A sperm’s structure affects its ability to reach and fertilize an egg. Morphology is the percentage of sperm that are normally shaped; abnormalities may indicate poor sperm development or genetic issues. Fun fact: most sperm are abnormally shaped. Morphology as low as 4–14% is totally normal.
  • Sperm testing results everyone can understand

    Most semen analysis reports are built for doctors. Ours is built to empower you with a clear, holistic view of your fertility, on — and in — your terms.
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  • The first step in your fertility journey, made easier

    Legacy’s mail-in semen testing kit makes the process comfortable, convenient, and accessible.
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  • Personalized recommendations for improving your fertility

    Your sperm health reflects your overall health, and that includes your lifestyle. What you eat, how much you sleep, and how often you move can all have an impact. We include actionable day-to-day changes you can take to take control of your fertility.
  • Next steps from the experts

    Fertility can feel confusing. We believe that you should have access to your health data and a trusted source of individualized support. That’s why every sperm testing client has the option to schedule a virtual appointment to discuss their results, and their family-building plans, with one of our fertility nurses or physicians.
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A deeper assessment of your sperm health

A semen analysis includes the five key metrics of sperm health. But in some cases, a more thorough evaluation of sperm health may be important.

A sperm DNA fragmentation analysis is an advanced male fertility test that measures the percentage of abnormal or damaged DNA carried by sperm. A high level of sperm DNA fragmentation may contribute to infertility, recurring miscarriage, or even poor health outcomes for your future children.
This advanced sperm analysis is typically only performed at specialty labs, with just a few locations in the US. Legacy is making this an option for everyone. Our labs use sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD), a well-established technique for identifying sperm DNA damage.
Combine a semen analysis + sperm DNA fragmentation analysis for the best picture of your fertility. This is recommended for couples with infertility or recurrent miscarriage, older clients, clients with a history of medical treatments or lifestyle habits that may impact fertility, or anyone who wants a more thorough understanding of their sperm health.
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Sperm testing options

Questions about how at-home sperm testing works?

Frequently asked questions

Sperm testing is a type of laboratory testing that assesses male fertility. The cornerstone male fertility test is a semen analysis, which measures how many sperm you have (sperm count/concentration), how your sperm are moving (sperm motility), and how your sperm are shaped (sperm morphology).

Advanced semen testing includes sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, which measures how many of your sperm contain damaged or abnormal DNA.
You should consider sperm analysis if:

You are trying to conceive.
If you and your partner have been having unprotected sex for 6–12 months and haven’t yet gotten pregnant, semen analysis is a first-line test to help diagnosis or rule out male fertility issues. Doing sperm testing early on in the process of trying to conceive can help you avoid costly and unnecessary tests or treatments down the line.

You hope to proactively improve fertility.
Even if you’re not trying to conceive right now, you may want to proactively assess — and address — sperm health issues. Because sperm take about 72 days to produce, it will take at least 2–3 months for any lifestyle changes you make to have a measurable impact on your sperm health. Sperm testing in advance can help ensure that, by the time you’re ready to start a family, your sperm is in its best possible shape.

You plan to freeze your sperm.
If you’re freezing your sperm for the future — whether because you’re about to undergo cancer treatment or because you simply want to preserve your sperm at its youngest, healthiest state — sperm testing is crucial. You’ll want to ensure your sperm is healthy and fertile before freezing.

Learn more about sperm freezing

You need semen testing after a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal.
If you have a vasectomy for long-term birth control, it’s recommended that you get a semen analysis around 12 weeks after the procedure, to confirm the vasectomy has worked as intended. Similarly, if you have surgery to reverse a previous vasectomy, sperm testing every month for 12 months is recommended to ensure sperm quality, count, and motility is recovering normally.
Your semen analysis report won't come back marked "fertile" or "infertile." You’re not considered infertile unless you’ve actually tried, and been unable to, conceive a child.

A semen analysis will tell you your fertility health parameters:

• Semen volume — how much semen you produce
• Sperm count and concentration — how many sperm you have per mL of semen
• Motility — how well your sperm are moving or "swimming"
• Morphology — how many of your sperm are the proper shape, size, and structure

These numbers correlate with fertility outcomes. Higher total motile sperm count — the number of moving sperm in your sample — and better sperm quality is associated with improved chance of pregnancy and lower miscarriage rates. However, they’re just one piece of the reproduction puzzle.

An abnormal result doesn't mean you won't be able to have a child. Semen parameters can change in reflection of your lifestyle and overall health.
Legacy’s mail-in semen testing kit makes it simple.

1. Order a kit (options include For Today semen analysis, For Today + sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, or packages that include sperm freezing). Choose your preferred delivery date.

2. Collect your semen sample at home via masturbation. Follow the simple instructions provided to mix your sample with the transport media and ship the kit back.

3. Receive your comprehensive sperm analysis report, plus guidance on lifestyle interventions to improve your sperm health, within 2 business days.

4. You have the option to speak with one of our male fertility experts about your results and your family goals.

5. You may choose to freeze your healthy sperm sample for a low monthly or annual fee. If you did not select freezing before purchasing your kit, you have up to 7 days to decide to freeze after getting your results.
Legacy’s at-home sperm testing kit uses a state-of-the-art transport media, a buffer solution that preserves the quality of the sample for overnight shipping. The transport media maintains the health of your sperm for up to 48 hours. There is a very slight decline in sperm motility (about 10%) expected when using at-home sperm analysis kits.

At-home sperm testing has been scientifically validated to be an accurate representation of your overall semen quality. Results with mail-in analysis kits closely correlate with results from conventional, in-person semen analysis.
A sperm count test looks only at sperm count and concentration. Many at-home options are limited to these metrics — but a high sperm count isn’t necessarily helpful if your sperm quality is abnormally low. Legacy’s semen testing kit looks at all of the key metrics for sperm health, including sperm motility (how well sperm are moving) and sperm morphology (how many sperm have the proper size and shape).
You do not need a doctor’s note, prescription, or requisition to order a Legacy kit. All too often, male fertility isn't tested at all until a couple has been trying for 12 months, even though many sperm health issues can be fixed with simple lifestyle changes. We’ve put the power of proactive testing and data in your hands.
At a conventional lab or clinic, the cost of a sperm analysis is typically around $250–500, and sperm DNA fragmentation testing may be an additional $500 or more.

A comprehensive semen analysis with Legacy costs $295, or can be combined with sperm DNA fragmentation analysis for $590.

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Yes, Legacy’s services — including sperm testing and freezing — are covered by some insurance and employer benefit plans.

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You could get your results in as little as a week with Legacy. Once you order, we provide free express shipping to your door, plus free overnight shipping back to our lab. Your analysis is performed immediately upon arrival, and results are available in 1–2 business days.
Yes, Legacy’s For Today semen analysis is perfect for sperm testing after vasectomy. We recommend that vasectomy patients do a semen test 12 weeks after their procedure to ensure it was effective.
Legacy’s For Today sperm analysis is an excellent choice for those who are hoping to restore their fertility post-vasectomy reversal. We recommend that vasectomy reversal patients test their sperm once a month for 12 months to monitor the recovery of their sperm count and quality.
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