Offer inclusive, whole-family fertility benefits

Family-planning support for all employees. Legacy is in-network with leading insurance and fertility benefits providers, and works with individual employers to create custom benefits plans. Contact our team to learn more.

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Support family planning efforts

Despite common misconceptions, men are just as likely as women to be the cause of infertility. Additionally, couples are waiting to have children later in life, which may lead to fertility challenges. Employers that provide access to fertility care can help employees make better decisions around family planning and treatment.

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Provide planning for your LGBTQ employees

In the past, fertility benefits have been tailored towards straight couples. Legacy provides a future family planning option for every employee looking to learn and preserve for the future.

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Support family planning efforts

To aid employers in creating a holistic and inclusive fertility benefit package for employees, Legacy provides employer options that are free or fully-covered. We work with each company to determine the best product and plan for their team.

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A Thoughtful & Inexpensive Employee Benefit

In today’s competitive employer market, thoughtful and holistic benefits are not just the norm, they are the expectation. Legacy provides sperm analysis, sperm freezing and ongoing education for all of your employees, regardless of their family-structure.

Legacy provides an inexpensive, at-home option for employees facing illness, couples experiencing fertility issues, or simply men planning for a healthy future. Our employee program is easy to implement and Legacy is in-network with the leading NY insurance providers, meaning no cost to you or your employees.

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Backed by Fertility’s Leading Experts

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Completed by a certified lab technician

Comprehensive analysis of the 5 Key Sperm Factors: Count, Concentration, Volume, Motility, & Morphology

Personalized set of lifestyle recommendations to support sperm health


Shipped to cryostorage provider that has been vetted for quality, longevity, and top-tier processes

Highly sensitive temperature monitor to ensure no changes in temperature

Every tank room is monitored 24/7 with remote access cameras


Ongoing information and education on male fertility problems and solutions

Information on employee benefits reimbursements, allowances, coverage and more

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