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Fertility is personal. So understanding, improving, and protecting yours begins where you feel most comfortable—at home.


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Two days for the Legacy kit to arrive at your door. One day for us to pick it up when you’re ready.


Understand and improve your fertility.

The most rigorous, clinical sperm analysis available, delivered securely to you online in just two days.

Cryogenic Sperm Storage Tanks, by Legacy

Protect your sperm with cryostorage.

World-class facilities and multi-site storage for maximum peace of mind.


We are 50% of the fertility equation.

Let’s be 50% of the fertility conversation.

Men have biological clocks, too. It’s as simple as that—as we age, our sperm counts (and sperm quality) decrease. Fortunately, we have the chance to protect our youngest and healthiest sperm.

100 DATA

Our sperm analysis methodologies are scientifically proven to get you the information you need. We analyze every semen sample for over 100 data points, rigorously testing to ensure reliable results.


Many couples have trouble conceiving. And in almost half of those instances, it’s related to the man’s fertility. Understanding your sperm can help you take action in these difficult circumstances—healthy lifestyle choices can actually improve your sperm.


95% – Age 20


45% – Age 50


The quality of our sperm starts to decline at age 20. Although we continue to produce millions of new sperm every day, age slowly affects our sperm’s motility (how well it moves towards the egg), which affects our fertility.

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We’re proud to be supported by an advisory board of international experts in fertility and healthcare as passionate about fatherhood as we are.

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Privacy is a cornerstone of our work.

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When you come to Legacy, you’re not a customer. You are you. So everything you do with us happens on your terms. That’s why your identity and data belongs exclusively to you at every stage in the process.


Our technology is built expressly to keep information secure. Data is stored on encrypted servers and only shared using encrypted transmissions. We are HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, and CCPA compliant.

And no data is ever given or sold to third parties without explicit permission from its owner—you.


At Legacy clients are assigned a number — like a Swiss bank account — that is used to label the samples and communicate with the company. Everything is encrypted… and the company does not sell its data.

Legacy, a start-up out of Harvard Innovation Lab, began in 2018 to make “inconvenient meetings with physicians a thing of the past.”

The service sends a discreet package to customers, who make a deposit at their convenience. The package keeps assets viable for up to 48 hours, in which time a shipping representative picks up the package for shipping to partner clinics. Specimens are frozen in two separate cities–“multi-geography storage” in the off-chance one gets destroyed in a natural disaster.

And the winner of Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt is… Legacy.

Legacy is the leading digital fertility clinic for people with sperm

Your journey starts with our at-home sperm analysis kit – but it doesn't end there. Your sample is analyzed at our CLIA certified lab. The analysis is combined with lifestyle factors, allowing our doctors and algorithms to provide a detailed look at your sperm's health. Results are filled with critical data, and our team of fertility specialists and staffed urologists are prepared to walk you through every detail. When you have a clear understanding of your sperm's health, we help improve and cryopreserve your sample for future use.