Reasons to freeze


Our Generation. Sperm counts have more than halved in the past 40 years and men's sperm quality decreases every year.


Your Legacy. One in seven couples can't conceive. 30-50% of the time, it's due to the man. Male fertility is often overlooked.


Your Genetics. Every 8 months, men produce a new genetic mutation that passes on to their children. Freeze your youngest, healthiest sperm.

The Legacy Advantage


Superior Quality, FDA Registered

For analysis, our in-depth clinical analysis includes motility and morphology, and the proprietary Legacy Recommendation Engine analyzes 50 data points to create your personalized 6-page report.

For freezing, our unique multi-geography storage creates redundancy to protect your legacy. We split your deposit into four -- two tanks each in two geographies - - and store them in disaster-proof facilities with 24/7 security.


The Personal Touch

When you register with Legacy, you will be assigned a Client Service Advisor who will guide you through the process and offer you any support you need, including lifestyle recommendations, supplements, or connections to specialists.

This is why the leading male fertility specialists of the world support Legacy.


Speed and Privacy

The unique Legacy process is the result of over a year of research and development. The process takes as little as 2 days from the moment you order the kit online.

From start to finish, we protect and encrypt every piece of your data to be HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant. We’re not living in the 1970s -- your data privacy is critical to us. And we never sell your data. Ever.

Our Process

Get your kit tomorrow morning.

Step 1
Order Your Kit

Choose your Legacy Package and it will arrive within 1 business day. All our packages includes the home kit.

Step 2
Free Pick-Up

Make your deposit with the kit provided and schedule a pickup time. We’ll come and collect free of charge.

Step 3
Access Your Report

Receive your secure, personalized fertility report via your Legacy members page.

Step 4

Should you choose, your deposit will be shipped to our long-term cryostorage facilities.

For more details, visit our Process walkthrough .

Overseen & advised by 10 leading men's fertility experts, including…


Dr. Paul Turek

Paul Turek, MD is an internationally renowned expert in men’s sexual health and reproductive urology. Dr. Turek is fellowship trained and board certified by the American Board of Urology. He has received countless honors and awards for his work with male infertility and has provided valuable research to the men’s sexual health community.


Dr. Aaliya Yaqub

Aaliya Yaqub MD, is a board certified internist and adjunct clinical instructor at the Stanford School of Medicine. She is the medical founder of Simple HealthKit and Forward and an active strategic advisor to many healthcare and wellness startups. She is passionate about using technology to solve pain points in healthcare.

What our clients say


Sgt. Sanchez, USMC

From start to finish my experience with Legacy was exceptionally fast. Compared to other services, their customer support was genuine and I was never treated with generic or unhelpful responses which gave me peace of mind while leaving on military deployment.


Courtney K.

Utilizing Legacy's at home service to assess my husband's fertility was not only super easy to use and more comfortable than going to a doctors office, but also gave us such peace of mind to have a thorough 6-page report on his results. I would recommend this to all family, friends, and anyone looking to learn more about their male fertility. The option for cryogenic storage is also an awesome option for those wishing to prepare for their future - I trust Legacy fully with my husband's assets!


Hamada Z.

Prior to Legacy, I had never thought about testing or freezing my sperm. After hearing about the spike in autism rates in older fathers, I knew I’d have to take immediate action if I want to be a father someday. After extensive research, Legacy was the obvious choice. Their at-home kit is discrete and straightforward, and allowed me to produce the sample without ever having to speak with a doctor. My dedicated customer service advisor was available to help and answer any questions throughout the process. Most importantly, the privacy and quality of service that they offer reassures me that I have made the right choice.

Questions? Call, e-mail, or text anytime.

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