Protect your most valuable assets.

Use our at-home kit to get your fertility analysed and sperm stored without ever visiting a clinic.


Know your health.

Know your Health with Legacy

Male fertility has halved, and the quality of your sperm declines each year. We analyze over 50 data points to create a personalized report tailored to you.


Plan your

Plan your Future with Legacy

Today you have the youngest, healthiest sperm you will ever have. Use our secure, at-home kit to make a deposit and freeze your sperm for future use.

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Get Your Full Report

We assess over 50 data points including volume, concentration, count, motility, morphology, and your lifestyle.


Incubated at Harvard.

We work at Harvard University with a world-class advisory board. All Legacy clients receive complete, easy-to-understand analysis with personalized recommendations that no-one else provides. And we never sell your data. Ever.


3 days from start to finish.


Our technology makes the process of freezing your sperm straightforward. No visits to clinics, no meetings with physicians, simply an at-home kit that gets dropped off and picked up by us.



Step 1
Order your kit.

Choose your Legacy Package and it will arrive within 1 business day. All our packages includes the home kit.



Step 2
We’ll come collect.

Make your deposit with the kit provided and schedule a pickup time. We’ll come and collect free of charge.



Step 3
Your report is ready.

Receive your secure, personalized fertility report via your Legacy members page.



Step 4

Should you choose, your deposit will be shipped to our long-term cryostorage facilities.


Want to learn more? Visit our process walkthrough here.

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Americans are waiting till their 30s to have children


According to the New York Times, women conceiving for the first time tend to be older in larger cities as well as coastal areas, but younger in less populated areas, including the South and Great Plains: “In New York and San Francisco, their average age is 31 and 32. In Todd County, S.D., and Zapata County, Tex., it’s half a generation earlier, at 20 and 21.”

DNA Fragmentation: What it means for you


A high sperm count, combined with good motility (swimming ability) and morphology (sperm shape), ought to indicate healthy fertility in men. Unfortunately, this overlooks DNA Fragmentation. A high amount of fragmented DNA can result in reduced male fertility, subpar embryo development, and less successful rates of implantation.

Unusual risks to male fertility


No one believes that breathing pollutants is beneficial to your health. It’s no surprise, then, to discover that inhaling vehicle exhaust fumes can have negative impacts on sperm quality. But taking antihistamines, which are supposed to help us breathe better? Or consuming soft drinks, which seem harmless enough in moderation? Explore some unusual risks.


Give Legacy

You are the result of someone’s legacy. What is yours? Give Legacy to yourself, or to a man you care about.

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