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Last updated: May 5, 2022
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Sperm Testing and Freezing

Products Include:

  • For Today semen analysis
  • For Tomorrow package
  • Forever package
  • For Today + DNA Fragmentation Analysis
  • Monthly, annual, and 5-year cryogenic storage

General Policy

We will refund you for unused products or services, minus shipping costs, within 30 days of purchase. You will be asked to return your unused kit(s).

Sample Not Viable For Storage

If your purchase includes storage but your sample is deemed not viable for storage by our lab, we will refund you for the storage plan you purchased as well as any unused services (such as further testing that could not be performed).

Shipping, Weather, or Lab Delays

Our transport media keeps your sample viable for up to 48 hours. If delays in shipping or processing lead to a sample that’s not viable for testing, we’ll provide a free replacement kit with free shipping.

Damaged or Lost Kit

If the kit is lost or damaged during shipping, or there is significant sample leakage, we’ll provide a free replacement kit with free shipping.

Client Error

If a you make an error while using or shipping the kit (it happens!), we’ll offer a replacement kit at a discounted rate. Examples of client error include:

  • Unnecessarily refrigerating the sample
  • Shipping a kit back on a Friday, over the weekend, or over holiday lab closures
  • Not using the provided transport media
  • Using an expired transport media, or a transport media that was not refrigerated


Products Include:

  • Male Fertility Supplements
  • CoQ10 supplements
  • Analysis + Supplements bundle (Male Prenatal Bundle)

General Policy

All supplements are final sale. If you’ve purchased supplements in a bundle or package with other services (such as testing or freezing), those services may be returned or refunded as per their applicable policies.

Contact Us

For further assistance, please email us at and our customer service team will help you proceed.**

Refunds are returned via the original payment method, and can take up to 5–7 business days to process.