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Research has found semen quality to be 30% higher when the sample is collected in the comfort of home.

Legacy’s mail-in sperm testing and freezing makes fertility care easy and affordable for your patients.

Legacy proudly tests and freezes more sperm than any clinic in the country.

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Complete sperm health support

An all-in-one offering helps your patients test, improve, and preserve their fertility from home.

Semen analysis

Comprehensive analysis that tests all key metrics of sperm health, giving you the data you need to guide your patients’ treatment.

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Advanced semen analysis with DNA fragmentation testing

A measure of sperm’s genetic health that can help shine a light on infertility, miscarriage, or failed IVF cycles.

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STI analysis

Tests for 6 sexually transmitted infections from the privacy of home: gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV 1/2, and syphilis.

Male Fertility Supplement

Science-backed fertility multivitamin contains 10 active ingredients, including 5 powerful antioxidants, to support your patients’ sperm production.

Virtual fertility consultation

If you’re not able to discuss your patients’ results, we can help. A virtual consultation with a urologist or andrology nurse educates patients on ways to improve and protect sperm health.

Sperm freezing

Protect your patients’ ability to have a family if and when they choose.

Cryostorage plans

We offer sperm storage plans from 1 year to 25 years for maximum flexibility and value for your patients.

Clinic-grade semen analysis, from home

We’re the most scientifically advanced at-home semen testing option — and the only mail-in kit that offers sperm DNA fragmentation analysis.

Our report includes

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Semen volume

Sperm concentration and count


Including progressive motility


WHO criteria

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DNA fragmentation index

Sperm chromatin dispersion test (Halosperm)

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High-quality labs and best-in-class cryostorage

All samples are split between multiple cryogenic lab locations for an added layer of security.

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CLIA certified

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FDA registered

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HIPAA compliant


Legacy is 10x more affordable than traditional sperm freezing options, with multiple ways to pay and save.


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Interest-free payment plans

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The science
The science of at-home sperm collection

Our kits use an FDA-approved, clinically tested transport buffer media to minimize the decline of sperm quality, plus an insulated kit to regulate sample temperature.


Because the best samples are collected in the comfort of home, mail-in semen analysis is an effective, accessible option for most patients.

The results from mail-in semen analysis kits are highly correlated with the results of 1-hour semen analysis.

Samplaski et al, 2020

Semen quality has been found to be significantly higher when the sample is collected at home (vs. in a clinic or sperm bank collection room).

Sample collected
at home

Sample collected
in the clinic

Sperm concentration





Progressive motility



Wang et al, 2014 | See also Stimpfel et al, 2021; Elzanaty et al, 2008

Studies on mail-in analysis kits suggest motility may decline just 0.39% per hour.

serum bottle

A HEPES-based transport media minimizes motility decline during transit.

Samplaski et al, 2020

Furthering the
 male fertility field

We conduct original research on sperm health, testing, and preservation — and provide funds to help other researchers make new discoveries.

Learn more about the Legacy Male Fertility Research Award offered in partnership with ASRM.

Legacy funded

Microplastics and male fertility

Research in progress



Legacy funded

Veteran fertility study with the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Research in progress



Legacy funded

Occupational factors and markers of testicular function among men attending a fertility center

Human reproduction



Legacy research

Geographic Differences in Semen Quality among a Cohort of American Men Using Mail-in Sperm Testing Kits

The World Journal of Men’s Health



Legacy funded

The Racial and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Men Using Mail-in Semen Testing Kits in the United States




Legacy research

Validation of sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) test using a mail-in at home semen collection kit

ASRM Scientific Congress



Legacy research

Semen parameter variability among users of at-home sperm testing kits

BMC Urology



Legacy research

Consent, Cryopreserved Sperm, and Posthumous Conception: Navigating the Ethical Maze




How it works

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Step 1

Your patient orders their kit online. They’ll choose a bundle of testing and/or freezing, pick their preferred delivery date, and set up free shipping directly to their home.


Step 2

They follow simple instructions to collect their semen sample from home and ship to our lab overnight.

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Step 3

Our lab assesses semen volume, sperm concentration, motility, morphology, DNA fragmentation index, and post-thaw motility.

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Step 4

We’ll split the sample into 4 vials. For long-term storage, they’ll be shipped to two separate cryogenic facilities, an extra step we take to mitigate risk.

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Step 5

Your patient’s semen analysis results can be released directly to your practice and uploaded easily to their chart.

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Step 6

The patient will have access to an in-depth results dashboard that empowers them to understand what their numbers really mean.

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Step 7

If you’re not able to discuss your patients’ results, they can schedule a virtual consultation with a Legacy urologist or andrology nurse.

benefits for your practice
Legacy + your practice

Accessible at-home testing and freezing options increase patient compliance — and get you the information you need to make decisions around treatment plans and sperm banking.

Perks for Legacy’s clinical partners

Exclusive pricing

Staff training webinars

In-office educational materials for your patients

Offer a clinically validated solution with a better patient experience.

Scientifically and operationally sound

Peer-reviewed research validates at-home sperm testing and freezing

Computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) offers precise and consistent results

Post-thaw motility analysis performed on all samples

Preferred by your patients

92% of patients prefer at-home semen sample collection

Results and sperm frozen in 24–48 hours so there’s no delay in your patient’s treatment

An inclusive and diverse solution created for every path to parenthood

Learn more about options for your patients.

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