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Fertility preservation for trans women

If you’re transitioning, proactive fertility considerations are especially important. Gender-affirming hormone therapy and other aspects of transition may have a significant impact on fertility. Read on to understand more about fertility and fertility preservation for trans women and other trans-femme folks who produce sperm.
  • Sperm freezing is best done before or at the very beginning of hormone therapy. That’s because estrogen and testosterone blockers may affect fertility.
  • If you’ve already started hormone therapy, you can test your sperm to see how it’s been affected. You may be able to regain fertility by temporarily pausing your hormone therapy.
  • Frozen sperm can be used in IUI (artificial insemination) or IVF later on.
  • Fertility preservation means you could have a genetic child even if you’ve taken hormone therapy for years, or have bottom surgery.
  • Once in storage, sperm remains as healthy and high-quality as it was when you froze it — giving you plenty of flexibility around family-building.
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