Pursue a high-risk career without putting your future family plans at risk, too.

If your work involves exposure to chemicals or toxins or a chance of injury, it’s likely impacting your sperm health and future chances of conceiving a child.

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“I lost my husband in the line of duty. I requested his sperm to be extracted postmortem, so I could still have his family. Sperm testing and freezing should be standard for every officer during training.”

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Manufacturing workers

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Anyone at risk of injury or chemical exposure

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Sperm freezing may even be covered by your insurance. Legacy is in-network with EmblemHealth (covering NYPD), TriWest (covering military veterans), and other major health plans.

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Understand your fertility baseline

Get a starting assessment of your sperm stats, just like you would for vision or heart health. That way, you’ll be able to identify how your deployment or occupation has affected your fertility, ensuring that you can get the help you may need in the future.

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Produce your sample at home and ship it back overnight with a prepaid label. We’ll analyze your semen to ensure it’s viable for freezing.


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Once your sample is stored, you can continue to pursue your career, knowing your option to have children in the future is protected.


Using your sperm

The more vials you store, the higher the chance that you’ll be able to create a pregnancy. You can keep your samples in storage for as long as you need without affecting their health or viability.

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“Within 48 hours before deployment, Legacy was able to test, produce results and freeze my husband’s sperm before he was deployed to Africa. Thanks to Legacy, I can now undergo IVF while he’s away.”

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Legacy is proud to support the US military

Legacy has partnered with the Green Beret Foundation and Military Family Building Coalition to provide free semen analysis and one year of storage to our elite war fighters. We believe service and sacrifice should be honored, not an obstacle to starting a family.

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Frequently asked questions

Any question still uncovered?

Military work involves the possibility of combat-related injury and exposure to chemical warfare or toxins, both of which can negatively impact a male’s fertility or a couple’s pregnancy outcomes. A study of veterans of the US War on Terror found that rates of infertility were significantly higher—nearly twice as high—among veterans compared to civilians.

There are many chemicals, including endocrine disruptors and toxins, that can impact fertility and reproductive hormones. A brief, non-exhaustive list:

Mustard gas (sulfur mustard), associated with more than 4x the risk of male-factor infertility


Lead and other heavy metals

Microplastics and petrochemicals

Research shows that sperm-producing people who work in the agriculture, herbicides, construction, machinist, plastic production, printing industry, tobacco processing, and welding industries may see a negative impact on their fertility, including reduced sperm count and increased risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

Firefighters are at a higher risk of infertility than those who work in other professions. The scene of a fire may expose a person to a multitude of different chemicals, both in the burn and in the fire-suppressing foams (which typically contain PFAS). Exposure to PFAS is associated with decreased semen quality and reduced testosterone levels.

In addition, firefighters are at risk of increased scrotal temperature, either by being directly affected by the heat from fires or by heavy protective gear. Prolonged, increased heat around the scrotum can affect sperm production for months afterward.

The chances of conceiving with frozen sperm depend on several factors:

Your sperm quantity and quality

Your partner’s age, egg quantity/quality, and overall fertility health

Whether you use intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

IUI pregnancy rates range from 10–25% per cycle; IVF success rates range from 5–50% per cycle. So, you may need multiple attempts to achieve pregnancy. The good news is that using frozen sperm doesn’t affect your chances of success. IUI and IVF pregnancy rates are the same for those using frozen sperm, compared to “fresh.”

Short answer: as many as you can afford. But the ideal number of samples to store also depends on your future plans. A few questions you might consider:

Do you have kids already? If you don’t, there may be a higher chance that you’ll want kids in the future, even if you’re sure you don’t want them right now. (Hence the vasectomy!)

How old are you? If you’re in your 20s or 30s, it’s more likely that your family plans may change in the future.

Generally speaking, one vial of sperm is used in each IUI or IVF procedure.

1 semen sample = 4 vials of frozen sperm

1 vial of frozen sperm = 1 IUI or IVF procedure

IUI pregnancy rates range from 10–25% per cycle; IVF success rates range from 5–50% per cycle. So, you may need multiple attempts to achieve pregnancy.

The process of sperm freezing is very quick with Legacy:

Once you order your kit, it will arrive in as little as 2 days. (You choose your preferred delivery date.)

You should abstain from ejaculation for 2–5 days prior to producing your sample for freezing.

After producing your sample at home, it will be shipped overnight and analyzed and frozen the next day.

In theory, it can take as little as 3 days from start to finish. So, you don’t need to postpone your hormone therapy in order to accomplish your fertility preservation goals.

As long as sperm is kept frozen in a high quality cryogenic lab like Legacy’s, it can be stored indefinitely with no significant impact on its quality or the chances that it will result in a healthy pregnancy. That means you can keep your sperm frozen until you’re done with your cancer treatment and ready to think about family building.

You can use your frozen sperm in an intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Generally speaking, one vial of sperm is used in each IUI or IVF procedure.

1 semen sample = 4 vials of frozen sperm

1 vial of frozen sperm = 1 IUI or IVF procedure

We partner with several military-focused organizations to offer discounted and free services to members of the military and veterans. Learn more about Legacy’s military partnerships.

Probably! We want to help expedite the process. Contact us at clientservices@givelegacy.com.

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