Results will be available 1–2 business days after you ship back your sample.

The journey of your sperm

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Produce your sample at home & ship it back same-day

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Your sample arrives at our lab for analysis

We verify your identity using your clientID

An andrology lab scientist analyzes your sample — Learn more about sperm analysis

Your analysis results are shared via your client dashboard

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We freeze your sample

The lab scientist uses liquid nitrogen to freeze your sample at -196ºC — Learn more about sperm freezing

The lab performs a post-thaw analysis for additional confidence that you’ll be able to use your frozen sperm in the future

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We send your sample to long-term storage

Your identity is verified again

We split your samples between multiple cryo labs for risk-free storage

Your sperm is monitored 24 hours a day

Important reminders

Abstain from ejaculation (both sex and masturbation) for 2–5 days prior to collecting your sample.

The red tamper-proof strip in your box demonstrates to the lab that your kit has not been opened or tampered with.

Do not remove or reposition this strip after it’s been applied. For your security, if the strip has been removed or moved, your kit cannot be processed at our lab.

Your sample should be shipped back the same day you produce it.

When you’re ready to produce your sample, start with the kit registration process to schedule a carrier pickup or plan for drop-off at a carrier location.

To expedite your order to meet your medical procedure date, please reach out to

As time is of the essence, please note that there are several scenarios in which our lab can not proceed with an analysis or freezing. Keep reading to avoid common errors that may cause delays.


1. Move, replace or reposition the red tamper proof sticker once placed.

2. Use lube or saliva to produce your sample, as it will contaminate your semen and affect sperm quality.

3. Refrigerate your sample before shipping it back.

We use the fastest and most reliable carriers in the industry to ship your kit and sample: UPS and FedEx. But even with the fastest services available, sometimes delays can occur. Our team will do everything possible to ensure a smooth and speedy experience. If any delays occur, we will make it right.

We’ll send you a new, complimentary kit if:

1. Shipment to the lab takes over 48 hours due to carrier error.
2. Your sample leaks in transit.

Ready to produce your sample?


Start by registering your kit. Scan the QR code on the inner flap of the shipping box with your smartphone camera and tap the URL, or log in to your client dashboard.


Double-check that the information you’re providing is accurate. Inaccurate information could affect how the lab handles your sample.


Watch the demo video and carefully read the instructions, to ensure you understand the process before you begin.


Wash your hands and genitals to prevent contamination of your sample.


Find a location where you are comfortable to masturbate to ejaculation.


Open the sterile sample cup. 


Produce your semen sample by masturbating to ejaculation into the empty cup. Do not use lubricants or external aids, such as saliva.


Gently swirl the cup to mix the contents. Do not shake the cup vigorously.


Place the sealed sample cup back into the Legacy vault, and place the vault into the green box. 


Close the green box. Seal the open flap of the green box with the red tamper-proof strip, pressing the strip firmly onto the box. Do not reposition or remove this sticker, or our lab will not be able to process your kit.


Place the green box into the shipping box. Seal the shipping box with the clear packaging tape. Stick the pre-paid return shipping label over the original label. Do not remove or cover the UN3373 label on the shipping box.


Ship the kit back on the same day via pre-scheduled carrier pick-up. You can also drop off your kit at your nearest carrier location or drop box before their latest pick-up time.


You’ll receive your results within 2 business days.


If you have not already purchased sperm storage, you can do so up to 7 days after you’ve received your results.

The science

Accurate at-home testing and freezing

Understand your results

Detailed understanding of your results

Personalized improvement recommendations

Guidance on your fertility journey, whether you are trying to conceive or transitioning

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Compared to $250+ at a fertility clinic.

Don’t take our word for it.




“I’m so glad I found about this before taking testosterone because I might want a family one day.”

“I’m so glad I found about this before taking testosterone because I might want a family one day.”

Austin, on testosterone replacement therapy

“I’m getting a vasectomy. But before we did that, we wanted to make sure our Legacy was protected.”

“I’m getting a vasectomy. But, before we did that we wanted to make sure out Legacy was protected.”

Devon, undergoing a vasectomy

“If it hadn’t been for the ability to collect a sample at home, I would have never had the option to carry and raise the child of the love of my life.”

“If it hadn’t been for the ability to collect a sample at home, I would have never had the option to carry and raise the child of the love of my life.”

Adrian, widow of cancer patient

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