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December 17, 2021

VIDEO: See sperm freezing in action

The post-thaw analysis is a very important step because it’s important that the sample meet standards to be viable in the future, and it’s key to understand that prior to freezing the entire sample. A post-thaw analysis gives you a realistic idea of the quantity and quality of sperm you may have after thawing, which is important information for the healthcare provider who may be working with the sample in the future.

A post-thaw analysis is conducted as part of every Legacy analysis, to determine whether or not a sample is eligible for cryostorage. In fact, Legacy offers the only at-home sperm freezing option with a post-thaw analysis.

Sperm is frozen using liquid nitrogen. First, sperm are gently mixed with a cryoprotectant — a substance that draws water out of the sperm cell to prevent damage during freezing — in cryogenic vials. Next, they are plunged into liquid nitrogen to freeze them at a temperature of -196ºC or lower. Finally, the sperm vials are transferred to liquid nitrogen storage tanks to maintain their low temperature.

Learn more in our guide to sperm freezing.

Preserve your legacy with sperm freezing

Once you freeze, your fertility is protected against illnesses, accidents, medical treatments, and aging.
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