Sperm testing & freezing for members of the military

Legacy is committed to supporting active military, veterans, and their family members. Because we believe service and sacrifice should be honored, not an obstacle to starting a family.

Veterans and members of the armed forces have 2x the risk of infertility.

Due to the often stressful and dangerous nature of the job, service members are faced with greater risks to their health, including their reproductive potential. Data from Veterans Affairs reveals that veterans are about twice as likely to experience infertility than the general population.

Unfortunately, the military’s healthcare system offers limited options for couples diagnosed with infertility, and no coverage for proactive fertility preservation. That’s why Legacy’s affordable options for testing and freezing sperm are so important.

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“Reproductive health is an important component of military readiness and, consequently, a matter of national security.”

— CPT John Crowley, Head of Military Affairs at Legacy

Sperm freezing for military personnel:

Sperm health can be affected by lifestyle, age, injury, and environment, including exposure to toxic chemicals, radiation, and pollutants. By freezing your sperm, your fertility is protected. Scientific research tells us that sperm can be frozen indefinitely, with no loss in quality.

Given the inherent danger of the military profession, the benefits of freezing your youngest, healthiest sperm are invaluable. And the uncertainty around deployment or mobilization makes sperm freezing a smart way to plan for the future, on your own or with your partner.

Military Family Building Coalition: Naval Special Warfare

MFBC is dedicated to supporting active duty military with challenges around fertility and family building. In partnership with MFBC, Legacy is offering all Naval Special Warfare operators — including SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman and Explosive Ordnance Demolition personnel — free access to Legacy’s privacy-protected, at-home sperm testing, with one year of complimentary cryopreservation service.

The Operation Baby Foundation

The Operation Baby Foundation is a veteran-founded nonprofit organization that provides grants of up to $5,000 to military couples diagnosed with infertility, to assist with treatment, surrogacy, or adoption costs. The foundation was started in 2020 by Emma and Nick Perkins, whose shared vision is to ensure that no service member has to abandon the hope of having children due to financial constraints.

Legacy is the digital fertility clinic of choice for Operation Baby, and we offer their community discounted access to at-home sperm testing and cryopreservation services.

Veterans Advantage

Veterans Advantage is a registered public benefit corporation that advocates for respect, recognition, and rewards for service members. Legacy is a proud partner of Veterans Advantage, offering a 15% discount on our sperm testing and freezing services to members.

Green Beret Foundation

In partnership with the Green Beret Foundation, Green Berets get access to Legacy’s at-home sperm testing and one year of cryopreservation for free.