Introducing Legacy’s new Help Center

We’ve always prided ourselves on the best client service in the industry. To this end, we’ve built out a complete Help Center that is accessible to you at any time via the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. The Help Center covers the following topics:

Making a Decision

Everything you might want to know about the company before making a purchasing decision. It covers everything from our contingency planning to our legal certifications to our privacy policies.

Worried Something Might Have Gone Wrong?

In case you have any time-sensitive questions, this section covers the most frequently asked questions in case you need an answer ASAP.

Receiving, Using, and Returning the Kit

This covers all the steps before, during, and after producing a sample for testing and freezing.

Results & Specialists

Understanding and interpreting your results, including the opportunity to speak with a specialist, whether or not you’re already a client.

The Science

Learn more about our processes and how we work, including how we conduct our clinical analysis, how we prepare samples for long-term cryogenic storage, and how we built the best redundancies in the industry.

LGBTQ & Insemination

If you’re in a same-sex relationship, considering or currently in the process of transitioning, or are interested in using Donor Sperm, Known Sperm, or surrogacy, this section covers your options.

In all cases, you can reach us anytime.

General questions? Call us at (617) 514 0901, e-mail us at, or schedule a time to talk via this link.

Medical questions? Schedule a consult with one of our medical specialists via this link. This option is open to you even if you’re not yet a client.