A deeper assessment of
your sperm health.

Sperm DNA fragmentation is one of the key indicators of male fertility, but it’s not
tested as part of a typical semen analysis. And all too often, it’s not tested at all
until couples have gone through expensive fertility treatments that didn’t work.
Order DNA fragmentation analysis

Upwards of 15% of infertile men have
normal semen analysis results. A more thorough evaluation of sperm health is essential.

Sperm’s only job: to deliver healthy
DNA to the egg.

Sperm’s precious cargo is DNA, the material that could make up half of your future child’s genes. The integrity of that DNA is one of the most important factors of your ability to create a healthy pregnancy.

But unfortunately, that DNA is fragile. Age, illness, and lifestyle can cause damage to your sperm’s genetic material. That damage is known as “DNA fragmentation.”

A high DNA fragmentation index (DFI) — the percentage of your sperm containing damaged DNA — is associated with:


Lower fertility


Higher chance of miscarriage


Higher chance of failed assisted

Pregnancy rates
Miscarriage rates
Fertilization rates for IVF patients

Who should test their sperm DNA fragmentation?

Couples with a history of miscarriages Couples with unexplained infertility for more than 6 months Couples with poor embryo quality during IVF treatment Men over 40 Men who wear tight-fitting clothing
Men with a history of cancer Men under treatment with prescription medications Men with lifestyle habits that may affect sperm health, such as smoking Men diagnosed with male-factor infertility of an unknown cause Men who want a more thorough understanding of their sperm health

Semen analysis + sperm DNA fragmentation test = a truly comprehensive understanding of your sperm health.

A conventional semen analysis gives you the basics: your sperm count, concentration, motility (movement), and morphology (shape).

Pairing this info with your DFI provides the best picture of your fertility, how to improve your chances of conception, and how to choose the right fertility treatment for you and your family goals.

Sperm DNA fragmentation analysis is included as part of our Forever package. You can also purchase it as a standalone addition to your Standard Semen Analysis semen analysis.

Learn about semen analysis

How it works

Legacy’s labs use sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD), a well-established technique for identifying sperm DNA damage.

During this test, sperm are carefully denatured and proteins are removed. Normal spermatozoa can then be identified by their glowing “halos,” formed by loops of DNA at the head of the sperm. These halos will not be present in sperm with highly damaged DNA. This allows lab experts to visualize and quantify the percentage—or index—of sperm that contain DNA damage.

Get started

At-home sperm DNA fragmentation analysis

A typical sperm DNA fragmentation analysis costs $500 or more, and requires a trip to a lab to produce a fresh semen sample. Just as with our semen analysis, Legacy offers the option to collect your sample at home, mail it in, and get a clinic-grade DNA fragmentation report, for a fraction of the cost.

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