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Fertility supplements: Is 'super sperm' possible?

What if you could counteract declines in sperm quality by taking specific vitamins and minerals, in an easy-to-drink organic juice format, to mitigate and address threats to fertility? No product exists today, but in collaboration with the Harvard Innovation Lab, Legacy is working on a new product geared toward significantly boosting the strength of your sperm.

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Germany: The lowest birthrate in the world?

Germany, of all nations, has a birth-rate problem? And not the kind that implies overpopulation but one that, until very recently, placed the country at the bottom of the world’s birth-rate list of developed countries. One bright spot: A 2015 study quoted by BBC News indicated that Germany had surpassed Japan to get out of last place on that list. And, as of this writing, the CIA’s World Fact Book estimated Germany’s birth rate at 213th out of 226 countries.

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