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August 22, 2022

How to test your fertility from home

Learn more about how to test your fertility from the comfort of your home with Legacy’s at-home sperm testing kits. From when to consider fertility testing to the five steps, and getting started!
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July 27, 2022

Genetic testing for infertility

Genetic testing for infertility can explore the root cause of infertility, and proactively detect genetic conditions. Learn more about genetic testing.
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July 14, 2022

Hormone testing for male fertility

This article will explain what male fertility hormonal testing entails, which hormones are tested, and how hormone testing can provide a roadmap to improving your fertility, including testing for hormonal imbalance.
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July 8, 2022

The 5 things you can learn from your semen analysis

Considering an at-home sperm testing kit? Here are 5 things you can learn from a semen analysis, including sperm count, concentration, motility, and more.
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June 14, 2022

How to prepare for a semen analysis

Everything you need to know about preparing for a semen analysis physically and mentally, including the process and how long to abstain before your sperm test.
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February 8, 2022

You got abnormal semen analysis results. What now?

Do you know what a semen analysis report means? This article will break down the basics of semen analysis and what to do next if your semen analysis results are abnormal.
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January 26, 2022

Low semen volume

Semen plays a crucial role in fertility. Let's look into causes of low semen volume and ways to increase how much semen you produce.
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January 13, 2022

Sperm testing after COVID-19: the latest recommendations

Does getting COVID-19 damage sperm quality? Can the virus be transmitted via sperm? Should you do a semen analysis after you've had COVID? Couples who want to start a family may be grappling with these questions and more. 
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January 10, 2022

What to expect at your first urologist appointment

A urologist can treat male-factor infertility, erectile dysfunction, and more. Here’s what to expect at urology appointment. 
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December 8, 2021

Antisperm antibodies

Antisperm antibodies, or ASA, are immune system proteins that destroy sperm. They can be produced when the body mistakes sperm for an invader and triggers the immune system to protect itself. Though rare, antisperm antibodies can be found in semen, blood, or vaginal fluids.
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December 7, 2021


Cryptozoospermia is a term for semen with an extremely low sperm count. We'll examine the causes and the effect on your fertility.
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November 5, 2021

How infertility is diagnosed

In this article, we’ll get to the bottom of everything you need to know about infertility diagnosis.
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