The Legacy Story


Five years ago, I was driving down a highway in Tulsa, Oklahoma…

We were on our way to a client project, and had picked up some piping hot coffees and teas for the drive.

When the car ahead of us braked suddenly, so did we, and the resulting spill gave me second degree burns across my legs and sent me to the Emergency Room.

It took months to fully heal, but I am grateful because it could have been so much worse - and every man will instinctively know exactly what I mean when I say that.

A few months later, a close friend was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. He was only 30 years old, and it was a difficult reminder that when you are not healthy, you can lose everything. Almost a million men are diagnosed with cancer in the US each year.

As is typical for cancer patients, he chose to freeze his sperm before beginning chemotherapy. It sounded like an insurance policy to make sure I could have children in the future.

So I tracked down the local sperm bank in Cambridge, MA and set up an appointment. The experience was awkward and uncomfortable from start to finish, not least because it was next door to my favourite Chinese restaurant…

I was asked invasive personal questions, handed a well-used Playboy magazine, and escorted to a small room with a black leather couch. Yes, that black leather couch.

But walking out of the clinic, I knew that for the rest of my life, no matter what happened - sickness, accident, STDs, or simply the genetic risks of being an older father - I was protected. What a feeling.

From that day, I became obsessed with the idea that all men would do this if you could create a product that was affordable, convenient, and easy enough.

For years, my friends called me the Sperm King as I prepared to launch Legacy. Not exactly the childhood dream I had envisioned for myself, but I knew we had the chance to fundamentally change the way men and women think about family planning.

I was living in Geneva, Switzerland in late 2017 when a study came out showing that male fertility had declined by 50%. That’s when I knew it was time to launch Legacy.

In early 2018 I made the move to Boston, MA to join Harvard’s Innovation Labs, an incubator program for alumni that provided access to leading international experts and resources.


From there, the team grew to include Daniel, who had spent years running a fertility clinic and Sarah, who had worked at the nation’s leading egg freezing company.

And some of the world’s leading fertility experts joined our Advisory Board to help guide the way forward.


We won TechCrunch’s renowned Startup Battlefield competition, raised funds from investors, and were featured in press across the world, from the New York Times to The Independent to Popular Science Arabia and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. We joined Y Combinator’s startup accelerator program and made the leap from startup to real company.

To date, we’ve provided our services to thousands of men, including men who are proactively storing their sperm, to men in high-risk jobs, couples trying to conceive, or men looking at alternative forms of family planning.

There is a very real and largely hidden male fertility crisis. Storing your sperm today protects you for the rest of your life, and there is no higher quality provider than Legacy.

So join the movement. Because in the future, Legacy will be the norm.

Khaled Kteily, CEO


Our Core Values

Privacy is the foundation of our work.

Whether you are a Legacy customer is your decision to share, and your data should belong exclusively to you. Our client list is undisclosed and discretion remains at the core of our values. Your data is stored on encrypted servers, shared via encrypted transmission devices, and is not shared with any third parties without expressed authorization in accordance with the strictest Swiss privacy laws.

Security of your assets, 24/7.

For many of our clients, physical security is paramount. We take extensive steps to ensure the security of your assets to the greatest extent possible, including 24/7 security. The exact storage location of your assets is only shared with you and individuals you authorize, and we do not publicize the exact locations of our clinics.

Quality without compromise.

With storing your most important assets, there is no margin for error, especially as our customers remain with us for years or even decades. We ensure your assets are stored under the most stringent requirements, including constant and precise temperature monitoring, natural disaster protection, and multiple redundancies including multi-site storage. Furthermore, our partners have been carefully screened and selected to ensure you have access to the leading experts of the world. When it comes to protecting your assets, we do not compromise.

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

— Roy E. Disney