Our Story

When a dear friend unexpectedly discovers he has cancer at the age of 30, you have to come to terms with your mortality, maybe for the first time. And…   

When he finds out that chemotherapy may prevent him from having children, you begin to wonder if you ever want to start a family and if so, when? When his partner leaves him, you start to ask what he could have done differently and what you would have done in his position.


Legacy was founded to ensure that forward-looking men can lock in their future and store their healthiest sperm discreetly and with a trusted provider. The fact is, the modern man faces many risks, from the chemicals in his food to the radiation from his mobile phone to the diseases that others carry. There is a reason why male fertility has declined so drastically in the past 40 years.

By taking a snapshot of your healthiest, highest-quality genetic material now, you are protecting yourself from risk today while opening the door to the scientific advances of tomorrow.

What will your next chapter look like?

Legacy is the only life investment you'll make. You can learn more about what this might mean for you on our Resources page.


Our Core Values

Privacy is the foundation of our work.

Whether you are a Legacy customer is your decision to share, and your data should belong exclusively to you. Our client list is undisclosed and discretion remains at the core of our values. Your data is stored on encrypted servers, shared via encrypted transmission devices, and is not shared with any third parties without expressed authorization in accordance with the strictest Swiss privacy laws.

Security of your assets, 24/7.

For many of our clients, physical security is paramount. We take extensive steps to ensure the security of your assets to the greatest extent possible, including 24/7 security. The exact storage location of your assets is only shared with you and individuals you authorize, and we do not publicize the exact locations of our clinics.

Quality without compromise.

With storing your most important assets, there is no margin for error, especially as our customers remain with us for years or even decades. We ensure your assets are stored under the most stringent requirements, including constant and precise temperature monitoring, natural disaster protection, and multiple redundancies including multi-site storage. Furthermore, our partners have been carefully screened and selected to ensure you have access to the leading experts of the world. When it comes to protecting your assets, we do not compromise.

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

— Roy E. Disney