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If you have frozen sperm available, you can attempt a pregnancy in the future without stopping your hormone therapy. Legacy works with more transitioning clients than any other digital fertility clinic.

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Standard Preservation

1-year storage (renewable)

A comprehensive semen analysis that ensures your sample is viable for freezing. Flexible, renewable storage plan to get you started.


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Semen analysis (1 collection kit)

1 STI test

4 vials

1-year storage

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5-year storage

Our highest rated product, with medium-term storage. 2 collection kits allow you to freeze more before starting hormone therapy (each vial is a pregnancy attempt).


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Semen analysis (2 collection kits)

1 STI test

8 vials

5-year storage

As low as $83/mo with


Most comprehensive


Lifetime storage

Our most in-depth analysis with long-term storage. Provides the best value for those who need to store for more than 5 years.


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Semen analysis (3 collection kits)

1 STI test

12 vials

Lifetime storage

1 DNA fragmentation analysis

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“As a parent of a transgender child, it was important to me that my daughter kept all her options open. We did a comparison on price, Legacy was by far the most cost effective option.”


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Your transition, uninterrupted.


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Produce your sample at home and ship it back overnight with a prepaid label. We’ll analyze your sample to ensure it’s viable for freezing.


We’ll freeze your sample within 48 hours

Once your sample is stored, you can confidently start or continue your hormone therapy, knowing your option to have children is protected.


Using your sperm in the future

The more vials you store, the higher the chance that you’ll be able to create a pregnancy. You can keep your samples in storage for as long as you need without affecting their health or viability.

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions?

Absolutely yes. We have helped more than 500 transitioning people preserve their fertility. We work with clients at various stages in their gender transition every day. Our care team has been trained by Folx to provide an inclusive, affirming experience to every client, no matter what their fertility journey.

We partner with several trans healthcare providers, including Folx, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Anchor Health Connecticut, to provide fertility preservation directly to the trans community.

Yes. We must use your legal name on your contracts and paperwork. However, we’ll ask for — and use — a preferred name during onboarding, on your client dashboard and in all client services communications. We want every client to feel as comfortable as possible during this process.

Yes! Anyone who produces sperm can use Legacy for sperm freezing.

Gender-affirming hormone therapy, including estrogen and androgen-blockers (also known as “T-blockers”), is likely to impair or even halt sperm production.

The effect seems to be dose-dependent. In one study, a low-dose estrogen therapy had no impact on sperm concentration or motility, while a higher-dose regimen resulted in reduced sperm motility after just a few days and reduced sperm concentration after 2 weeks.

We recommend freezing sperm before starting hormone therapy, in order to freeze the highest quality of sperm possible. The higher the quantity and quality of sperm, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to create a pregnancy with that sperm in the future.

However, we know this isn’t always possible, and that in many cases, people will begin hormone therapy prior to exploring fertility preservation. It may still be possible to freeze sperm even after starting GAHT/HRT. We recommend a semen analysis to assess fertility before freezing.

Not necessarily. It takes time for your hormone therapy to affect your fertility. Additionally, hormone therapy affects each person differently. After taking gender-affirming hormones for months or years, you may still produce some sperm. The quantity and quality of sperm may deteriorate progressively the longer you’ve been taking HRT.

If you’re already taking hormone therapy, we recommend starting with a semen analysis. This test will assess the quality of your semen and determine whether your sample is viable for freezing.

If you do a semen analysis with Legacy and have viable sperm, you can upgrade your purchase to include freezing, and freeze that sample immediately.

If you don’t have viable sperm, you can consider pausing your hormone therapy for 3–6 months to see if sperm production resumes before continuing with the fertility preservation process.

Gender-affirming surgery for trans women typically includes orchiectomy, the removal of the testes. Orchiectomy will result in irreversible, total sterility.

If you plan to undergo vaginoplasty, vulvoplasty, or orchiectomy and may want a biological child in the future, we highly recommend freezing at least 3 semen samples (use our Forever bundle) to maximize the chances of creating a healthy pregnancy.

Maybe. The “sperm cycle” — how long it takes to produce new sperm — is about 3 months, so you will likely have to pause hormone therapy for at least this long in order to recover fertility. One study found that within 6 months of stopping estrogen therapy, 67% of subjects regained a normal sperm count. That means about 1 of every 3 trans women may be unable to recover their fertility after beginning a medical transition.

Short answer: as many as you can afford. But the ideal number of samples to store also depends on your future plans. A few questions you might consider:

Do you plan to or hope to get bottom surgery? If yes, you may want to freeze more sperm, since you won’t have the option to recover your fertility. 

Do you want one child, multiple children, or maybe you’re not sure you want kids at all? How much sperm you should freeze will change depending on family size and how certain you are that you want biological children in the future.

Generally speaking, one vial of sperm is used in each IUI or IVF procedure.

1 semen sample = 4 vials of frozen sperm

1 vial of frozen sperm = 1 IUI or IVF procedure

IUI pregnancy rates range from 10–25% per cycle; IVF success rates range from 5–50% per cycle. So, you may need multiple attempts to achieve pregnancy.

As long as sperm is kept frozen in a high quality cryogenic lab like Legacy’s, it can be stored indefinitely with no significant impact on its quality or the chances that it will result in a healthy pregnancy. That means you can keep your sperm frozen until you’re ready to start a family.

You can use your frozen sperm in an intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Generally speaking, one vial of sperm is used in each IUI or IVF procedure.

1 semen sample = 4 vials of frozen sperm

1 vial of frozen sperm = 1 IUI or IVF procedure

The chances of conceiving with frozen sperm depend on several factors:

Your sperm quantity and quality

Your partner’s age, egg quantity/quality, and overall fertility health

Whether you use intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

IUI pregnancy rates range from 10–25% per cycle; IVF success rates range from 5–50% per cycle. So, you may need multiple attempts to achieve pregnancy. The good news is that using frozen sperm doesn’t affect your chances of success. IUI and IVF pregnancy rates are the same for those using frozen sperm, compared to “fresh.”

The process of sperm freezing is very quick with Legacy:

Once you order your kit, it will arrive in as little as 2 days. (You choose your preferred delivery date.)

You should abstain from ejaculation for 2–5 days prior to producing your sample for freezing.

After producing your sample at home, it will be shipped overnight and analyzed and frozen the next day.

In theory, it can take as little as 3 days from start to finish. So, you don’t need to postpone your hormone therapy in order to accomplish your fertility preservation goals.

* Rates from 0–30% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and depend on your credit, terms of payment, and your purchase amount. For example, a $995 purchase might cost $89.81 per month over 12 months at 15% APR. Options are provided by these lending partners: See for important info on state licenses and notifications.