Test and freeze your sperm from home — up to 100% reimbursed by your health plan.

Protect your ability to have children, now or in the future.

1 in 7 couples in America have trouble conceiving.

And about 50% of infertility involves the male factor (AKA, your sperm health).

“Law enforcement work is riddled with uncertainty. Legacy gave me the peace of mind I needed to plan for a family.”nforcement work is riddled with uncertainty. Legacy gave me the peace of mind I needed to plan for a family.”
Brooklyn NYPD Captain
Proactive about family building
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“We thought having a second child would be as easy as the first. We were wrong. I’m glad I chose to freeze my sperm 2 years ago. This winter, my wife will be starting IVF using my younger, healthier frozen sperm.”
Manhattan NYPD Officer
Undergoing fertility treatment
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“I lost my husband in the line of duty. I requested his sperm to be extracted postmortem, so I could still have his family. Sperm testing and freezing should be standard for every officer.”
NYPD spouse
Undergoing medical treatment
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Claim your semen analysis + 1 year of storage

With advanced analysis of your sperm as a baseline and 4 vials of your sperm stored for future use (that’s enough for unlimited rounds of IVF with ICSI), you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can have biological kids one day.

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1 year of storage for 4 semen samples


Babies born to fathers over 40 have a significantly higher chance of autism, dwarfism, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. 

Legacy is a proud partner of the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Trusted by the US Navy SEALs and Green Berets.

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The fastest and most accurate way to test and freeze your sperm — without ever leaving your home.


Order your kit.

Verify your NYPD insurance health plan, then receive your kit within 48 hours. (While you wait, abstain from ejaculation.) Produce your sample at home and ship it back with a prepaid label.


Get your results.

Within 24–48 hours, you’ll receive a personalized dashboard reporting 5 key semen parameters, plus sperm improvement recommendations.


Store your sperm.

4 vials of your frozen sperm will be split between 2 separate CLIA-registered labs for risk-free storage. 1 year of sperm storage is included, with the option to renew for as little as $12 per month

Join the thousands of people with dangerous jobs who trust Legacy to test and freeze their sperm today.

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Test and freeze your sperm. Up to 100% reimbursed by your health plan.