Sperm Testing & Freezing for Naval Special Warfare

In partnership with Military Family Building Coalition

Active duty Navy SEALs are offered free access to Legacy’s at-home sperm testing with one year of complimentary cryopreservation (sperm freezing).

Legacy NSW kit

Full sperm analysis of 1 sample

Clinic-grade fertility analysis, including volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology.

Next-day shipping

Overnight shipping to your home and priority overnight shipping to our lab included free of charge.

Personalized recommendations

Individualized lifestyle recommendations for improving your fertility based on over 100 data points, including nutrition, exercise, and medical history.

Virtual appointment with a male fertility specialist

Access to a confidential 1:1 conversation to discuss your results and your fertility questions and concerns.

Cryogenic storage for 1 year

You’ll benefit from Legacy’s unique multi-site storage to ensure your sample stays protected until you need it.

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Why consider sperm testing and freezing?

Being a special operator is risky to their lives — and to their legacies. The NSW community deals with amplified hardship, including deploying annually and being away from their partner and family much of the time.

Infertility is twice as common among members of the military (compared to the general population), possibly due to the risk of injury or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Given the inherent danger of the military, freezing your youngest, healthiest sperm can be invaluable. And the uncertainty around deployment or mobilization makes sperm freezing a smart way to plan for the future, on your own or with your partner.

Currently, the military healthcare system does not help service members test or preserve their fertility. In partnership with the Military Family Building Coalition, Legacy is helping the most elite warriors preserve their legacy.

“Legacy’s ability to offer this kind of program to NSW operators in a way that accounts for their unique operational security and privacy concerns is a wonderful benefit. The family I have today is the result of cryopreservation; I personally understand the value that Legacy’s generous support is bringing to our military members and families.”

— Rear Admiral Brian Hendrickson, retired US Navy SEAL and Military Family Building Coalition Board Member