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Legacy's process allows you to make your deposit from home, without having to visit a clinic. Developed at the Harvard Innovation Lab, it involves a careful, step-by-step approach to ensuring your assets are transported safely, analyzed, cryogenically stored in secure, temperature-optimized liquid nitrogen tanks, and available to you indefinitely. 


Our 4-Step Process


Step 1
Order your kit

Within 24 hours, your Client Service Advisor (CSA) will reach out to you and share your unique CLIENTID.

Your CSA will co-ordinate with the nearest clinic to you to ship your Legacy kit, which will be shipped in a discreet package to the address of your choice.



Step 2
We'll come collect

Be sure to make your deposit Mon-Thu, so that it can arrive at our clinics during the workweek. Simply call our shipping partner when it’s ready for pick-up, or let your CSA know and they’ll take care of it for you.

The package includes a special buffering medium that keeps your asset viable for up to 48 hours, but shorter time-frames are better. Our clinics will conduct a full test upon arrival to make sure nothing went wrong during transit.



Step 3
Your report is ready

A certified lab technician conducts a complete fertility analysis, and our team will generate a set of personalized lifestyle recommendations for you.

To ensure your privacy, your deposit is labeled with your CLIENTID only, and your report is shared in a HIPAA-compliant, GDPR-compliant format.



Step 4

We then arrange cryoshipping of your sample to a cryostorage provider that has been vetted for quality, longevity, and top-tier processes.

The shipping is done in a temperature-controlled container via a specialized provider who uses a highly sensitive temperature monitor to ensure no changes in temperature.



Get Your Full Report

Volume, concentration, count, motility, and morphology.