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Test, improve, and freeze your sperm from home.

Parenthood starts with you — and your fertility. Why not get proactive? Find out which Legacy services are right for you:

We are 50% of the fertility equation.

Let’s be 50% of the fertility conversation.

Together with today’s leaders in fertility

We’re proud to be supported by an advisory board of international experts in fertility and healthcare as passionate about fatherhood as we are.
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Legacy is the leading digital fertility clinic for people with sperm

Your journey starts with our at-home sperm analysis kit – but it doesn't end there. Your sample is analyzed at our CLIA certified lab. The analysis is combined with lifestyle factors, allowing our doctors and algorithms to provide a detailed look at your sperm's health. Results are filled with critical data, and our team of fertility specialists and staffed urologists are prepared to walk you through every detail. When you have a clear understanding of your sperm's health, we help improve and cryopreserve your sample for future use.

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