Why Legacy?


Harvard-incubated, world-class experts.

Legacy clinical expertise and world class team of fertility specialists

Legacy is a Harvard-incubated company with a team of fertility and healthcare experts as well as a world-class Medical Advisory Board. This expertise is critical when we are dealing with our clients’ sensitive genetic material.



Unlike our competitors, we don't cut corners.

Legacy integrity and values of privacy, quality, and security

We are a values-driven team that takes our responsibilities seriously. We only work with stakeholders that align with our customer-focused values of Privacy, Quality, and Security, and we will never sell your data. Ever. We don’t cut corners to cut costs - competitors don’t test critical factors like motility and morphology.



Seamless process, from start to finish.

Legacy's Harvard-developed process takes just 3 days

The Legacy process takes 3 days from start to finish and is the result of over a year of research and development.

We exclusively work with top clinics nationally and internationally that meet our stringent ‘Legacy Standard’. Part of our process includes multi-site, multi-geography storage to ensure your assets are always protected.


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Volume, concentration, count, motility, and morphology.