The Platinum Package is designed for the man who understands the risks his generation is facing. It has been created with discretion, privacy, and the long-term in mind.

Platinum members are not required to meet with a clinician, and can make up to 5 deposits from the comfort of their own home, with our patented technology. 

The package includes genetic testing, comprising of health and ancestry genomics, in addition to wellness, carrier status, and trait analysis.

Platinum members will also receive a full assessment of their current fertility status and will receive an andrology report including sperm volume, motility, and others. 

The package comes with 10 years of cryogenic storage in our temperature-constant liquid nitrogen tanks.

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With the Platinum package, you have 2 options for ultimate peace of mind:

  • The fixed option is a one-time payment with no subscription fees. 
  • The subscription option is a lower one-time payment with yearly fees for storage.