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Fertility Expert: The Crisis Is Now Alarming

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If it weren’t concerning enough to learn that sperm counts have been reduced by 50% over the last four decades, and that, every 8 months, men produce a new genetic defect that passes on to their children, a recent warning from Christopher Barratt, Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the University of Dundee in Scotland, ought to sound the alarm bells loud and clear about the crisis in male fertility.

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Chemotherapy and Fertility: Effects and Defenses

4 minute read

While the general prevalence of cancer has increased in recent years, so, too, has the overall outcome of long-term survival, thanks in no small part to chemo- and radiotherapy treatments. At the same time, though, both men and women face potential threats to fertility as a result of undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

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The Pause that Concerns: Men and Life Changes

While humorous references abound concerning a male version of menopause, the truth is that men also experience hormonal and sexual function changes as they age. The proper name for this phase is andropause, and while comparisons continue to be made to menopause, there are some significant differences, particularly with regard to a man’s ability to conceive a child.

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Pre-conception care for men? The 3 months leading up to pregnancy

“Really, almost all of the important epigenetics, all the important embryologic development, takes place in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. That's when lots of the really key things are happening before people even know they're pregnant. Your brain development, your entire spine, all the nerves are developed in the first couple of weeks."

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