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Taking a Dip: The Water May Not Be Fine

Results showed that adolescents who had used indoor chlorinated pools for greater than 250 hours before the age of 10 or for more than 125 hours prior to the age of 7 were roughly 300 per cent more likely to register abnormally low testosterone levels – less than the tenth percentile – than those of peers who had not used these kinds of swimming facilities while children.

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Global Warming: the surprising effects on male fertility

If you look nine months after a heat wave in August, the following May you see significantly fewer births. The drop in births isn’t due to people having less sex when the temperature rises… the opposite, in fact, proves true. Studies that show sperm production decreases in hot weather suggest the pattern is probably attributable to heat’s effect on male fertility.

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Consultants, bankers, and lawyers: check your laptops

The average Brit spends, on average, 8 hours and 41 minutes using communication and media devices, as compared to 8 hours and 21 minutes for sleeping. These numbers don’t seem all that out of the ordinary -- especially for instance, lawyers updating contract language on the fly; investment bankers updating the font size of the pitch deck for the 27th time; and, management consultants generating Harvey Balls all day.

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