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Chemotherapy and Fertility: Effects and Defenses

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While the general prevalence of cancer has increased in recent years, so, too, has the overall outcome of long-term survival, thanks in no small part to chemo- and radiotherapy treatments. At the same time, though, both men and women face potential threats to fertility as a result of undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

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Exercise and Fertility (4 of 4): Harvard Study on Diet and Fertility

One primary reason why people exercise, particularly as the body slows down due to the process of aging, is to lose or maintain weight. Experts generally agree that paying attention to both exercise and diet patterns is vital for achieving a target weight, but that sticking to sound nutrition habits proves far more important than putting in those extra miles or reps.

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Is There Such a Thing as ‘Safe’ Herbicide?

Avoiding chemicals and herbicides seems more than prudent advice, given recent headlines about potentially devastating health effects of such substances, even if in some cases humans aren’t directly exposed to them. The presence of toxins in the food chain and atmosphere make it virtually impossible to avoid all of them. The herbicide in question here is ATZ.

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Fertility supplements: Is 'super sperm' possible?

What if you could counteract declines in sperm quality by taking specific vitamins and minerals, in an easy-to-drink organic juice format, to mitigate and address threats to fertility? No product exists today, but in collaboration with the Harvard Innovation Lab, Legacy is working on a new product geared toward significantly boosting the strength of your sperm.

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