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Rwanda: 300% population increase by 2050?

While Africa overall has the world’s highest fertility rates, various changes in countries in the Sub-Saharan region of the continent have led to a decline in fertility rates, even though many of those countries report women as having four or more children. Rwanda has experienced a particularly dramatic plunge in fertility rates, with a decline of two children per mother over a period beginning in 2005 and ending in 2014.

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Egypt: Exploring fertility in a country of 100M

Does a public revolution lead to a private one? Population statistics suggest yes, at least in one country. In Egypt, exactly nine months after the February 2011 Arab Spring, birth rates increased dramatically. Egypt has long been known for its high population growth and fertility rates, and is on the verge of reaching a population of 100M, the highest in the Middle East by a wide margin.

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Germany: The lowest birthrate in the world?

Germany, of all nations, has a birth-rate problem? And not the kind that implies overpopulation but one that, until very recently, placed the country at the bottom of the world’s birth-rate list of developed countries. One bright spot: A 2015 study quoted by BBC News indicated that Germany had surpassed Japan to get out of last place on that list. And, as of this writing, the CIA’s World Fact Book estimated Germany’s birth rate at 213th out of 226 countries.

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