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August 2, 2022

Is male infertility genetic?

While many cases of male-factor infertility can be treated with simple lifestyle interventions, in some cases, the cause is deeper—your genes. Read on to learn about the types of genetic male infertility.
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May 7, 2022

Racial disparities in fertility health

From higher rates of miscarriage to a higher risk of abnormal sperm parameters, there are a number of racial disparities that exist in fertility.
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May 5, 2022

Does the sperm choose the egg — or does the egg choose the sperm?

In the mating dance of eggs and sperm, it was long believed that the egg just waited to be fertilized, while the sperm “fought it out” until the strongest one prevailed. Now, research suggests the egg may play a more active role in choosing sperm, based on genetic compatibility and other desirable factors. Find out […]
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April 22, 2022

Climate change and male fertility

There’s emerging evidence that climate change can negatively impact male fertility and sperm health. Let’s explore what the research says about how climate change may affect reproduction, other environmental effects on fertility, and steps you can take to stay healthy. 
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January 24, 2022

How sperm health affects embryo quality

High-quality embryos are an important factor for successful IVF. But what is embryo quality? And how does sperm health impact embryo quality?
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January 21, 2022

Sertoli cell-only syndrome

Sertoli cell-only syndrome or “SCO syndrome,” a rare condition estimated to affect less than 5–10% of infertile men, is a non-obstructive cause of azoospermia and male infertility. 
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August 9, 2021

Male birth control

Learn what male birth control options are available now, and new options you may have in the future.
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August 6, 2021

Can you freeze sperm at home?

Sperm freezing offers many benefits, including the flexibility to start a family later in life and being prepared with a back-up plan. Cryopreservation of sperm is growing in popularity for these reasons and more. Many who have just been introduced to the idea will wonder: can you freeze sperm at home? Does it require a specialized lab, or will your home freezer work? While freezing sperm at home seems simple enough, you definitely don't want to take chances with the DIY route. Read on to learn why freezing sperm at home in your freezer isn't possible, and to learn about an affordable alternative method.
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July 2, 2021

Ubiquinol vs. ubiquinone: which version of CoQ10 is superior?

If you’ve tried or researched CoQ10 for fertility, you may be wondering: What’s the difference between ubiquinol and ubiquinone CoQ10? Is one better than the other? Why is ubiquinol more expensive — and is it worth it? Read on to understand ubiquinol vs. ubiquinone found in health supplements and what the research says about using CoQ10 for fertility.
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May 26, 2021

Can lube affect sperm health or fertility?

Many couples use personal lubricant to improve the experience of having sex while trying to conceive—since they’re likely having sex more frequently and on a schedule, to boot. Research shows that 26% of couples often or always use lube when they’re trying to get pregnant. But should you use lubricant while trying to get pregnant […]
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May 18, 2021

Introducing Legacy’s CoQ10 supplement

For people who are serious about their fertility. When we talk to clients about their semen analysis results and their fertility goals, this is one of the most common questions we get: “How can I improve my fertility on my own?” There are a few different ways that you can improve your sperm health, and […]
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April 18, 2021

Male fertility myths, debunked: 5 facts you should know

These are the top five male fertility myths, debunked—and everything you need to know about infertility.
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