Legacy Fertility Report

Legacy’s 6-page personalized fertility report assesses the 5 key factors of male fertility: volume, count, concentration, motility and morphology. Learn more below.


Why is motility important?

Motility tells you how well your sperm are swimming.

Never freeze your sperm without knowing this first.


Why does my lifestyle matter?

Your lifestyle impacts your sperm health, which can be improved.

Your Client Service Advisor will generate a personalized report for you.


Why is morphology important?

Morphology tells you how normal or abnormal your sperm is. This can help you address genetic or lifestyle issues before freezing.



What’s included in the Legacy Fertility Report:


Section 1: Overall Analysis

  • 5 key fertility metrics with explanations and straightforward next steps for each

Section 2: Your Lifestyle

  • The Legacy Recommendation Engine generates recommendations for you to improve your sperm health


Section 3: Clinical Analysis