Our Technology

With Legacy's patented technology, your assets will be cryogenically stored in temperature-optimized liquid nitrogen tanks. Through our techniques, your assets can be stored indefinitely. 


Where do you have locations?

Legacy works with leading clinics around the world, and we are present in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, where Legacy was conceived.  


How does the process work?

Once you complete your order, the nearest location to you will process your request and send you a package with the necessary information and materials. .

Once you've made the deposit, it is cleaned, processed, frozen, and stored indefinitely.

The day you decide to use your sample, we will facilitate the transfer of your assets to the appropriate clinic, with whom we share necessary information about the sample and storage.


Can I make the deposit from home?

Yes, absolutely. With our patented transport kits that are specifically designed to store and transport your sperm, you can complete the process at home and ship it to us via overnight courier service. Powdered dry ice will ensure the package remains cool, and our fertility experts will test your deposit upon arrival to make sure there have been no issues during transport. 

How long can my assets be frozen?

With existing technology, frozen semen can be stored for as long as 50 years without additional sperm deterioration beyond that caused by the original freezing process. In fact, experts believe that sperm can be frozen indefinitely.

Samples of semen do not deteriorate even over many years of deep freezing. Those sperm that die do so within the first 48 hours of freezing, and the attrition rate thereafter is minimal. Approximately 30-50% of your sperm will be successfully unfrozen for your use when the time comes. 

Prior to the thaw, we prepare a test sample containing a small amount of sperm, to identify sperm count for your sample.  A week after freezing, we thaw this vial and take a sperm count to determine the sperm survival rate for that ejaculate. 

What happens if I die?

We take your privacy and discretion extremely seriously. Your assets belong to you and only you. In the case of death, unless expressly authorized otherwise, the assets will be destroyed. 


How will you keep my assets secure?

Each of our partners use 24/7 state-of-the-art monitoring systems, which record the most minute temperature changes (as small as 0.01 degrees Celsius). Additionally, all tanks are manually monitored on a weekly basis and facilities are under 24-hour security and surveillance. Each facility has on-site back-up, bulk nitrogen storage, and all electronic data is fully-encrypted and backed up daily with off-site data storage.  

Through our multi-site storage, your assets are distributed among multiple locations to ensure the utmost security. As many of our members are leading global lives, Platinum members can select the countries in which they would  like to store their assets.

Switzerland is unique in having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire population, should they ever be needed. Our team is actively exploring opportunities to create a nuclear bunker storage option available for members who want to ensure the absolute longevity and security for their assets. 

How will you keep my data private?

Our core values of Privacy, Quality, and Security are at the heart of our operations. 

As a Swiss company, we ensure the anonymity, privacy, and discretion you would expect from any international banking provider. Unlike most companies, we believe that these are your assets and yours alone - and we do not share any data unless it is at your request.

All our operations are fully encrypted with high-grade encryption including workstations, mailboxes, and data storage. 


Can I get my assets analyzed?

Our andrology lab provides services ranging from a Complete Semen Analysis (CSA) to Sperm DNA Fragmentation Assay (SDFA). These will provide you with a full assessment of your current fertility status as part of an andrology report including sperm volume, motility, and others. 

Do you provide genetic testing?

Yes. Our packages includes full genetic testing, comprising of health and ancestry genomics, in addition to wellness, carrier status, and trait analysis.


What is the procedure for canceling storage?

In the event that you no longer wish to continue storing your samples, you must submit and sign a request authorizing their destruction.