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Frequently asked questions

With IVF, one vial of a normal sperm sample can help to fertilize many (thousands) of eggs, since a normal sperm sample has millions of sperm. If you’re doing IVF/ICSI, 1 sample should be sufficient.
For IUI, each vial represents one IUI attempt. Meaning if you do 1 Legacy sample, you will have up to 4 attempts. It’s generally understood that 3-5 vials lead to 1 pregnancy with IUI (however, this is NOT guaranteed – just a general rule). This would mean that 1 sample = roughly 1 pregnancy. For this reason, we would recommend storing 2+ samples if you’re planning on doing IUI. More vials = more attempts.
Our fertility analysis, services, and cryostorage are the most advanced on the market. Period. Whether you’re evaluating an in-person male fertility clinic, or an alternative at-home kit, Legacy provides the most detailed and robust solutions on the market. We are the only company that operates or processes each step in the fertility journey, including owning and operating the physical laboratory and machinery where analyses are conducted.
If your analysis reveals that your sample isn’t viable for freezing — for example, if no sperm was found in your sample — you have a few options. You can speak to one of our male fertility specialists to understand what may be affecting your fertility, as well as some next steps you may want to take. You also may want to re-test to confirm any abnormal results.

If your purchase includes storage but your sample is deemed not viable for storage by our lab, we will refund you for the storage plan you purchased as well as any unused services (such as further testing that could not be performed). 

Learn more about our refund policy.

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Our At-Home Sperm Analysis Kits

Free shipping
Personalized lifestyle recommendations to improve your fertility
Clinic-grade analysis in a CLIA-certified lab
Test, freeze, and improve your sperm from home.
For Today
For Tomorrow
1 kit
✓ Analysis only
2 kits
✓ 2 analysis kits
✓ 5 years of cryostorage
3 kits
✓ 3 analysis kits
✓ Lifetime cryostorage
Best for:
✓ Understanding your fertility
✓ Trying to conceive
✓ After a vasectomy
✓ Most sperm freezing
✓ Fertility treatment (IUI/IVF)
✓ Before military deployment
✓ Trans women
✓ Cancer patients
✓ Before vasectomy
We test all the key factors of sperm health: semen volume, sperm count/concentration, sperm motility (movement), and sperm morphology (structure). Just like a fertility clinic.
Tests blood and urine for six common STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV 1 & 2, and syphilis. Important for those planning to freeze their sample. Currently unavailable for New York residents.
+ Additional $150 for 1
Examines sperm's genetic health. Important for fertility patients, former cancer patients, those with a history of pregnancy loss, and those over 40.
+ Additional $295 for 1
+ Additional $295 for 1
Each vial of frozen sperm = one attempt at pregnancy using insemination or IVF. We recommend freezing 4–6 vials per pregnancy you hope to create.
Up to 4 vials with storage add on 
We store your frozen sperm in multiple locations to mitigate any risk. Once frozen, sperm can be stored indefinitely.
Monthly, annual, and 5-year plans starting at $120 per year
5 years
50 years
Once you are ready for insemination or IVF, we will transfer your chosen number of vials to your fertility clinic or a medical professional.
$250 per transfer in the United States (storage plan required); fees vary by international destination
$250 per transfer in the United States; fees vary by international destination
One complimentary transfer to anywhere worldwide; subsequent transfers are $250 per transfer in the United States and vary by international destination
See if your insurance or other benefits cover a For Today package by clicking "Check insurance eligibility" at the top of the page. To get reimbursed through your FSA, contact Client Services for a receipt and submit.
Select Splitit during checkout to split your payment up across two to twelve months. No hard credit checks or interest charged.
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