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Dealing with infertility? You’re not alone.

If you’re having difficulty conceiving due to male factor, this guide will help you:
  • Fully understand your diagnosis
  • Evaluate possible next steps
  • Cope with the fears this diagnosis may bring

Voices of infertility

Jaclyn is a client experience specialist here at Legacy, and has first-hand experience with infertility. She and her husband Stephen have been on this journey for 7 years.
How did you realized both of you have fertility issues?
3:08 min
How would you describe the experience of infertility?
2:08 min
How to support loved ones through infertility?
2:03 min
Do you need help figuring out what’s next on your fertility journey?
Talk to a fertility advisor like Jaclyn free of charge
Talk to a fertility advisor like Jaclyn free of charge
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Book a fertility consultation

Our virtual appointments are usually reserved for Legacy clients. We’re opening them up to the larger community as a special offer for National Infertility Awareness Week.
In this 30-minute virtual appointment, one of our male fertility specialists will:
  • Review your medical history and any semen analysis results
  • Talk with you about your fertility and family plans
  • Explore lifestyle changes that may increase your chances of pregnancy, both naturally and with IUI or IVF
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Understand and improve your fertility

We are Legacy.

A digital fertility clinic that allows you to test, freeze, and improve your sperm from home.
Mail-in sperm analysis & freezing
Male fertility supplements
Advanced sperm testing
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