Legacy Fertility Report

Legacy’s 6-page personalized fertility report includes volume, count, concentration, motility and morphology analysis. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your most valuable assets.


Section 1: Overall Analysis

  • High-level summary of your key fertility metrics

  • Easy-to-understand next steps, including access to supplements, referrals to specialists, or long-term cryogenic storage

  • This document has been vetted by our world-class advisory board

Section 2: Lifestyle Recommendations

  • A team of academics at Harvard spent months sifting through existing research and literature on male fertility

  • Our Recommendation Engine generates the most important lifestyle factors to keep in mind.

  • We bring these down to 3-5 key recommendations for you

Section 3: Clinical Analysis

01 Overall Analysis

  • Concentration

  • Volume

  • Count

  • Total motile sperm

02 Motility & Motion Analysis

  • Total motility

  • Progressive motility

  • Velocity, ALH, Linearity and Beat Frequency.

03 Morphology & Cytology

  • % Normal sperm

  • % Abnormal sperm

  • Breakout by 12 types of abnormalities

04 Post-thaw Analysis

  • Number of vials cryopreserved

  • Post-thaw concentration

  • Post-thaw motility



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