Cryogenic Subscription Monthly

Cryogenic Subscription Monthly

15.00 every month

Long-term Cryogenic Storage: Monthly

$15 per month

The Legacy Cryogenic Storage Subscription allows you to store and secure your deposits for the long term. Note that you can freeze your deposit indefinitely with no loss in quality.  All our clients receive one week of short-term complimentary cryostorage.

Subscribe for $15/Month



We work exclusively with cryostorage providers that have been vetted for quality, longevity, and top-tier processes.


One week after freezing, our cryostorage partner will test a small sample from your deposit to ensure that the freezing process went smoothly. 


Our unique CLIENTID system ensures that your private data is protected at all times and no personal data is ever shared.


We are also unique in offering multi-site storage. To prevent against any risk of catastrophe, we store your deposits in two separate geographic locations, and split each deposit into two tanks. 


Shipping is done in a temperature-controlled container that uses a highly sensitive temperature monitor.


If and when you decide to use the sample, we follow the same process to ship your deposit directly to your home, a partner clinic, or a clinic of your choice.


The Legacy Promise


Privacy is the foundation of our work.

Whether you are a Legacy customer is your decision to share, and your data should belong exclusively to you. Our client list is undisclosed and discretion remains at the core of our values. Your data is stored on encrypted servers, shared via encrypted transmission devices, and is not shared with any third parties without expressed authorization in accordance with the strictest Swiss privacy laws.


Quality without compromise.

With storing your most important assets, there is no margin for error, especially as our customers remain with us for years or even decades. We ensure your assets are stored under the most stringent requirements, including constant and precise temperature monitoring, natural disaster protection, and multiple redundancies including multi-site storage. Furthermore, our partners have been carefully screened and selected to ensure you have access to the leading experts of the world. When it comes to protecting your assets, we do not compromise.

Security of your assets, 24/7.

For many of our clients, physical security is paramount. We take extensive steps to ensure the security of your assets to the greatest extent possible, including 24/7 security. The exact storage location of your assets is only shared with you and individuals you authorize, and we do not publicize the exact locations of our clinics. 

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
— Roy E. Disney

Our Process

Legacy's package allows you to make your deposit from home, without ever having to visit a clinic. To see a full step-by-step guide, visit our Process page here.


If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to us, via the chat-window at your bottom right, by phone, or by e-mail at You can view our contact information here.