Bronze Package

Bronze Package


For forward-looking men.  

Make your deposit from home, with fully renewable storage after the first year. You will receive fertility analysis, including volume, concentration, count, and motility, as well as personalized lifestyle recommendations for you.

Become a Bronze client


The Legacy Package:


What you will receive:

  1. CLIENTID. Every client is assigned a unique CLIENTID, which your CSA will send to you by e-mail. Please treat this information like a password and keep this information private - it is your unique identifier.

  2. Lifestyle Information Form. This is a form requesting basic information about your lifestyle - this is completely optional but allows our team to provide you with a set of personalized lifestyle recommendations that will include considerations like age, smoking, drinking, pollution, stress levels, and so on.

  3. Kit, contract, and information. The kit includes the necessary materials to transport your deposit, and the contract will cover all the necessary legal requirements for the transport and analysis of your deposit.

    This includes an affirmation that you have been tested or will be tested within a three-month period for STIs and will alert us to any positive results, as required by law. This is important in order to store your deposit separately and protect against any risk of contamination.

    You will also receive step by step instructions for how to produce the deposit. We trust you will be familiar with most of the process.

  4. Analysis Report. As a Bronze client, you will receive a report that covers concentration, volume, count and motility. On request, you can also receive additional analysis including a motion analysis, motility report, morphology report, and a post-thaw analysis. The report will include your personalized lifestyle recommendations.

The Process:


We follow a five step process for our Bronze Clients.

  • Step 1: Becoming a client.
    When you become a client, you are assigned a unique CLIENTID, meaning that your identity is known only to you and your Legacy Client Service Advisor (CSA). 

  • Step 2: Receipt of the Legacy package.
    Your CSA ships you a discreet package to the address of your choice, for you to make your deposit at the time of your choice, following the instructions provided to you. The package includes a special buffering medium that keeps your asset viable for up to 48 hours.

  • Step 3: Pick-up of the Legacy package.
    Your package will arrive with a pre-filled return label. You can either call our shipping partner directly or ask your CSA to arrange pick-up for you.  

    Clinics follow typical business hours, and thus kits are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This ensures that you will receive your kit by Thursday morning at the latest. You should plan on having the deposit ready for pick-up by Thursday afternoon at the latest, thus ensuring it will arrive at the clinic by Friday morning.  

  • Step 4: Arrival at Clinic.
    Upon arrival at the clinic, the team performs a full analysis on your deposit to ensure that everything went smoothly during shipment.

    Two practitioners are present at all times to ensure that all samples are perfectly labelled and handled. Practitioners will never handle more than one deposit at a time, and your deposit is labeled with your CLIENTID only to ensure your anonymity. 

  • Step 5: Arrival at cryostorage facility.
    We then arrange cryoshipping of your sample to a cryostorage provider that has been vetted for quality, longevity, and top-tier processes. The shipping is done in a temperature-controlled container via a specialized provider who uses a highly sensitive temperature monitor to ensure no changes in temperature. One week after freezing, our cryostorage partner will test a small sample from your deposit to ensure that the freezing process went smoothly.

    If and when you decide to use the sample, we follow the same process to ship your deposit directly to your home, a partner clinic, or a clinic of your choice. 


If you have any remaining questions, please reach out to us, via the chat-window at your bottom right, by phone, or by e-mail at You can view our contact information here.